Thursday, February 26, 2009

Standing Boy

As you can see there is no image here, after posting it and getting a few comments from my respected freinds I thought I would put this painting aside and revisit it at a later date.
I would like to thank all the people that follow my blog, I really enjoy the input and I am excited about a couple of ideas for new works that I can't wait to share.


Sheila said...

Very intriguing David. Your colors and composition always give me a milisecond of thought that this may be a blurry photo when you paint in this lovely unique style. There's a feeling of uneasiness that I feel with this image for some reason. I like it!

Sharon Wright said...

Love the abstract-ness of this, not sure about the blue, or is it the green!? I agree with Sheila, though, there is a tension, created by the menacing trees offset by the skipping, seemingly unaware, figure. Amazing image.