Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Artist Blog

Being an artist is not being a member of some outsiders secret group. We are basically people communicating. Even the most awkward, out of shape, lethargic dancer can express in movement some quintessence that is man. We who are less than John Singer Sargent or Picasso still make art. What is important is the oneness of man creating. Sure a somewhat lofty distance exists between a "great master" and a daily painter but we all share the same title "Artist". So in my opinion we are basically made of the same stuff as someone like Degas and for us with hard work and intelligences , genius may be only one year and a painting away.


Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that!! If I thought about it too much I would never pick up a paintbrush again. Thank you for sharing this profound posting. I'm off to paint a masterpiece.

debrossart said...

Yes, thank you for the assurance. We are all alone in our studios, and the camaraderie of the internet blogs is so wonderful. You are right. It just might be the next painting that exceeds our expectations.

James Parker said...

Or in my case, about two centuries away. I agree so much with you and I am working on an article about the blog community for Empty Easel. That's the reason I came up with the "I care you're there" award which has already spread to Spain, the UK and Australia. Visiting and leaving Comments inspire and delight.