Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Gulf of Oil 13x18 oil on canvas

No other artist has pointed out mans faults and folly's better than Goya and in this time, our time he would recognize  that man still has so far to go. Raised in Tampa Fla. I have swam in the gulf more than I can count and it truly breaks my heart to see it used so recklessly . I'm afraid that one day man will look back and talk about how beautiful the world was.The monster in the background is taken from The Colossus by Goya.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks for posting this, David.

AutumnLeaves said...

Fabulous art and powerful statement, David. I agree with you completely. I am heartbroken over this devastation.

Candace X. Moore said...

Your image is gut-wrenching and very effective, David. Horrible, horrible event. Every day is more bad news. I don't have anything good to say today. Maybe next time.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

What a strong statement.
You are so right and I agree with you 100%.
3 month ago we drove from Louisiana all the way to Florida. What a beautiful ride.
No more and it is very painful.

dominique eichi said...

The Hope I have is as in Alaska when the Exon Valdez tragedy happened we thought the coast would be for ever damaged. On this day that coast is healed from that horrid event. I hope it will not take too long for the Gulf. Fabulous piece to remind us that we can all do something.